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Our implementation team has extensive experience working in complex, health system IT organizations. We understand that each hospital or health system has its own set of clinical and technical requirements to address when introducing new software. We’ll assign project management professionals to work with you throughout implementation, to schedule resources and monitor each task through to completion. We ensure the right resources are assigned at the right time for successful completion.

Implementation begins immediately after your contracting terms are met. 


A project manager reviews the specifications for purchase and drafts a project schedule. Then we schedule a Kickoff meeting with all the appropriate stakeholders, resources, and team members—both from Axis and from your organization—typically within 15 days. By the end of Kickoff, we’ll have collaborated to finalize a complete work breakdown structure, and all Axis resources will be in place to smoothly and efficiently implement your PATS software. 


We electronically deliver everything you need to install PATS. A dedicated Axis Customer Support team member guides you through the software installation, reviews your backup process, and is available to answer any technical configuration questions. Software installation typically takes less than one hour!


Once PATS is installed, training begins. We tailor training to your specific registry (certified and/or custom) and reporting needs. We teach you to effectively use PATS to enter, mine and capture data, and generate reports—all the necessary tools to help your facility analyze clinical data and improve patient outcomes. 


Did you switch to PATS from another vendor and already have years of clinical data in a different system or application? That's no problem! Our data conversion services seamlessly integrate your historical data with PATS. We've converted data from most vendors and have a dedicated team to take care of your conversion needs, leaving you with a comprehensive database that makes longitudinal analysis a snap. 


Once we deliver all necessary start-up services, our world class Customer Support team is available to address any ongoing needs or concerns.