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PATS Patient Analysis & Tracking System

Powerful Reporting

PATS works the way clinicians think. Axis clinical data management solutions deliver more than 35 powerful analytical tools and an unlimited number of easily-customized reports, at no extra cost. Healthcare professionals can quickly and easily generate monthly reports and sophisticated analysis—no IT expertise needed.

Analytics made easy

PATS' powerful, built-in reporting and analytics tools help you become an expert at managing clinical data. You can easily drill down to the data you want and need. You don't need a technical background to succeed in clinical data management. With PATS, you get deep, complete data you can always trust. 

Benchmarking and performance

You understand the importance of real-time intelligence on trends and outcomes. With easy to use benchmarking reports, PATS helps you monitor trends and quality so national performance reports present no surprises. You can also use the built-in tools to showcase physician-level performance. 

PATS' ACC and STS Quality Performance Measures reports are immensely popular with our customers. 


Custom reporting 

PATS analytics make it easy for you to create and generate ad hoc reports. PATS crunches thousands of data points almost instantaneously. You can use any data field(s) to select custom patient population(s). You can easily convert tabular data values to sharp looking graphical formats, and you can export to any third-party presentation application (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Tools for success

Use PATS' unique longitudinal tracking to create customized follow-up data-capture and reporting programs. You can identify short- and long-term trends for outcomes initiatives and to track quality measures at the hospital, physician or patient level. And you can distinguish your healthcare organization to patients, researchers, specialists, and the highest-quality providers.

Plus much more!

PATS analytics tools include but are not limited to:

  • Full use of Axis' Reports Portfolios
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Risk-adjusted reporting
  • Actuarial Curves
  • Cumulative Summary reporting and analysis         
  • Predictive analysis
  • Frequency distributions
  • Data completeness and validation
  • Operative Mortality report
  • Statistical reporting (Chi Square, T Square)